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Looking to Sell Your Property in Glasgow? R&T Property Can Help.

One condition almost every investor craves above all else is stability.

Currently in the UK, stability is proving very hard to find.

Brexit, Scottish Independence and now a General Election have all contributed to deterring many would-be investors from making long-term financial commitments.

Indeed, there is so much potential upheaval around, it wouldn’t be a surprise if many individuals and organisations are seriously considering cashing in their assets and holding on to their cash until the future can viewed with a bit more certainty.

If that scenario accurately depicts your currently predicament, then perhaps R&T Property Solutions can assist.

We are a company which is happy to invest in property over the long term.

We’ve been operating in Scotland for over six decades and we’ve lived through and survived plenty of political and social upheaval in that time.

And right now, we are on the look-out to buy more property.

Our office is in Glasgow and we tend to focus on flats and homes within the city and the nearby towns, villages and suburbs.

But that doesn’t mean we won’t purchase elsewhere if the right opportunity arises.

Over the years we have acquired properties in Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen, Inverness, Dumfries and all points in between.

We are known for purchasing accommodation which isn’t quite in good enough condition structurally, or from sellers who are keen on a quick sale.

We also are completely relaxed about the prospect of taking over a flat which is tenanted.

We’ve developed a set of working practices which result in the minimum of disruption to tenants of properties we’re interested in buying.

Our guarantee is that we will always act discreetly; we’ll not disturb the tenants if we can help it; we don’t always need to view the property’s interior while it is tenanted and we will act ethically as far as their rights are concerned.

Of course, tenanted properties are generally sold at a lower value than those with vacant possession.

Apart from the shifting political sands (not to mention the possibility of North Koprea launching a nuclear attack!), there are other prevailing conditions which might affect the value and worth of your property portfolio.

A recent article made a striking comparison between the return on investment of a buy to let property and an ISA or a pension.

And, according to the writer, the former is an inferior product.

The article described the various risks associated with letting out your property, not least the possibility that for as long as it remains empty you are losing income.

At the same time, the cost of maintenance and repairs remain a constant drain on your resources.

But perhaps the strongest point was the fact that some investments will provide you with instant access to your money if you need it in a hurry.

By contrast, some properties, particularly if they are defective or are subject to a protected tenancy, can take a long time to sell.

In most cases this is perfectly true.

But not if you deal with R&T Property Solutions!

We like to conclude a deal as quickly as possible.

If we want to buy your property, we can frequently complete the transaction within three to four working weeks.

But if you’re in a real hurry we might be able to fast track the whole process within seven days.

The article also pointed out the benefits of an investment portfolio, which include a variety of different types of assets in a range of geographical locations.

In addition, there was information about the tax benefits available from these types of investments, in comparison to the recently-introduced tax penalties facing buy to let owners.

It sounds bad, but things as never as bad as they first look. And with our assistance your position can improve.

R&T Property Solutions have been around for over 60 years, working out of our Glasgow HQ.

We are interested in buying property, not just in Glasgow but also in other major population centres like Edinburgh, Paisley, Stirling, Dundee, Aberdeen and Inverness.

And as far as we are concerned no property is too big or too small. So whether you own a buy to let portfolio of several properties or just a single flat, we’re keen to hear from you.

Contact us right away and our experts will provide you with the best advice they have.

We’ll answer your concerns to the best of our ability even if you don’t eventually sell your property to us.

We recognise there are many reasons why someone wants to sell a property in which they’ve


We also understand that once you’ve made up your mind to dispose of an asset then the quicker the


If we do go ahead and agree a deal, rest assured it will be completed quickly, professionally, and to suit your time scale.

And if you’re in a real hurry and you need cash fast then we can usually arrange for that to happen.

So don’t delay and call our team today!